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=============================================================================== DISTRIBUTE-COIN Seize the tokens ♥ =============================================================================== distribute-coin's a privacy-focused image-uploading and URL-shortening service. It doesn't have bells and whistles like accounts or cookies, JS or tracking… which you might consider good things. I think they're awful. Probably the one bell it has is that it's backed up by IPFS. Whenever you upload a file, it's 'added' to IPFS and pinned to the gateway. Then, a shortened URL (containing the file-name you chose/came with the file) is created that redirects to the actual IPFS URL. ---------------------------------------- USAGE ---------------------------------------- Just use `quicklisp` (pop this in your "~/quicklisp/local-projects/", and you're good). There is one thing that isn't in quicklisp that this needs, though: * cl-ipfs-api² ( Once you've loaded :distribute-coin into your REPL, just run: (distribute-coin:server) You might wanna look at the docstrings for more information, esp. on usage of #'server. ---------------------------------------- BORING STUFF ---------------------------------------- License is AGPLv3-- check COPYING.txt. Author is Jaidyn Ann <> Permanent instance over at Sauce is at