X-IF is a portable & object-oriented interactive fiction engine/transpiler.

It is a WIP, and useless right now! Come back later, OK? ~♥

... now, the rest of this file's just filled with lies.

The engine can be used to make classic Infocom-esque text-adventures that run
in a terminal (with readline support), or to make IF with simple images and
sound (with GTK or terminal; the latter via libsixel or manual ASCII art).

It supports, as input, either text-entry (and parsing), like classic games—
or it supports visual novel-esque branching dialogue/option selection, without
text-entry entirely. Games can use one method, or intermix both.

The transpiler lets you turn a game written in X-IF into a website or PDF with
branching paths— so a game written in X-IF can effectively be made into a
Choose-Your-Adventure-esque book!

The transpiler is probably best used for branching dialogue games, rather than
text-entry games, though it can be used for both.

X-IF is multi-lingual and modular; right now, it can parse simple English and
Esperanto sentences. Adding other languages should be trivial, and any contribs
are welcome! <3

License is the GNU GPLv3:
       check COPYING.txt (/ipfs/QmTBpqbvJLZaq3hTMUhxX5hyJaSCeWe6Q5FRctQbsD6EsE)
Author is Jaidyn Ann <jadedctrl@teknik.io>
Sauce is at https://git.eunichx.us/x-if.git