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=============================================================================== LIBERTYBSD-SCRIPTS For deblobbing OpenBSD =============================================================================== Scripts used to deblob and rebrand [OpenBSD]( sources for the [LibertyBSD]( project. ---------------------------------------- USAGE ---------------------------------------- Usage of these scripts is pretty simple-- to make freshly deblobbed OBSD sources, just run them each with $1 being the directory of the corresponding source-code, like so: sh /usr/src sh /usr/src sh /usr/src/sys sh /usr/xenocara sh /usr/ports If you want liberated OpenBSD sources, but without the LibertyBSD rebranding, just skip the * scripts and everything should go fine. Cheers, good luck. :) ---------------------------------------- CREDITS ---------------------------------------- Ports contributions by [jmfgdev]( (I.E. Jimmybot) Some improvements and contributions by Einhard Leichtfuß ---------------------------------------- BORING STUFF ---------------------------------------- License is ISC (COPYING.txt) Author is Jaidyn Levesque <> Source is at