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To set up Doormat, you need to: 1) Place `dm-*.cgi` and `res/` on your webserver somewhere. 2) Use ASDF, Quicklisp, or whatever to load the :doormat package and all of its dependencies. 3) Make a core-file (save-lisp-and-die "doormat.core"), and place it in your webserver in the same directory as `dm.cgi` and `res/` under the name of `doormat.core` 3.5) Steps 2 and 3 can be automated/made easier with the "res/exec/generate-core.lisp" script. If you have SBCL and Quicklisp installed, it'll make a Doormat core automatically. :) 4) Make sure that your web-server recognizes `.cgi` files, and executes accordingly.