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		<h2>A guest-counter for <i>everyone</i>!</h2>
		<h3>By Jaidyn Lev &lt;001&gt; &lt;jadedctrl@teknik.io&gt;</h3>

	<p>Doormat is a simple guest-counter that can easily be embedded
	into <i>any</i> webpage-- no JS, PHP, or anything like that required!</p>

	<p>The official Doormat instance is here, but you can host it yourself-- just
	check the README file in the <a href="https://git.eunichx.us/doormat">Git

	<p>Doormat's source-code is libreware (Free Software) under the
	<a href="https://coinsh.red/csl/">CSL license</a>, and can be found
	<a href="https://git.eunichx.us/doormat">here.</a> :)</p>


	<p>Speaking of which, there are <b>three ways</b> to add the guest counter
	to your website:</p>

		<li><p><b>An <code>img</code> tag</b></p>
			<p>To use a guest counter with an <code>img</code> tag, just
			add a tag like so:<p>
<p><code>&lt;img src="https://doormat.eunichx.us/dm-svg.cgi?URL-TO-YOUR-PAGE-HERE"&gt;</code></p>
			<p>This method is probably the best one, period-- but it's the
			<i>only</i> good method for static webpages especially.</p></li>
		<li><p><b>An <code>iframe</code> tag</b></p>
			<p>To use an <code>iframe</code> tag, just put one in like
<p><code>&lt;iframe src="https://doormat.eunichx.us/dm-html.cgi?URL-TO-YOUR-PAGE-HERE"&gt;</code></p>
			<p>This fetches the count in plain HTML, and embbeds in your
			webpage. (You can also embbed the raw number by changing "html"
			in the URL to "txt")</p></li>
		<li><p><b>SSI, PHP, or some other weird shit</b></p>
			<p>You can fetch the value of your visitor-count (and, also,
			increment it) in plain-text here:</p>
			<p>So, if you're writing a CGI/PHP/whatever web-page, you can
			have your script fetch that URL for the plaintext count, then
			render it as you please!</p></li>

	<img src="https://doormat.eunichx.us/dm-svg.cgi?doormat.eunichx.us/index.html">