This contains a bare-bones CGI web application demo.

To test it out, configure your web-server to execute ".lisp" files with your
Common Lisp interpreter (tested with GNU Clisp). Then, edit "init.lisp" to
load a file that loads Quicklisp-- by default, "init.lisp" uses the clisprc
of the superuser. You probably wanna change that.

form.lisp displays *every* CGI environment variable, and shows how cl-cgi
specially parses POST & GET data. Use form.html to submit POST data to

cookie.lisp & cookie.html let you test the creation & parsing of cookies.
GET value of "cookiekind" is set as the cookie "Test-Cookie", then displayed.
You need to refresh the page after setting a cookie, so that it takes effect &
can be displayed, of course.