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=============================================================================== BLAGOBLAG Simple blogsphere-ish system =============================================================================== Blagoblag is a pretty simple system that'd be perfectly at home in the blogosphere.[1] TL;DR, registered users can create date-stamped posts. Someone can browse posts by date (from all users) in a format resembling a “newsletter,” or by user. Users can create comments on any post after filling out a simple CAPTCHA. Y'know, stuff along those lines. [1] ---------------------------------------- PRE-REQUISITES ---------------------------------------- * PHP 7.0 * Webserver with CGI enabled * A paper-clip and soldering-iron * Also a lighter ---------------------------------------- INSTALLATION ---------------------------------------- Drop Blagoblag in any directory on your webserver, then create an SQL database for Blagoblag. Make sure to make a "config.ini" file (from "config.ini.example")-- at the minimum, you need to configure the SQL connection settings. ---------------------------------------- BORING STUFF ---------------------------------------- License is AGPLv3, copyleft. TL;DR, do whatever, but share the source-code. :)