TK/TCL Common Lisp text-editor.

code of website

Shell script to download music from Bandcamp

Fragile brainfuck interpreter in lisp.

Library for writing Lisp CGI scripts

Common Lisp bindings for the IPFS HTTP API.

IPFS backed file-upload/url-shortening site.

A UNIX hexdump program supporting text-tables.

Library for easy TCP-server-making in Lisp.

Simple shell todo-list program

PHP image/file-uploading system

[WIP] Flexible and resilient MU[SH,D] server in Lisp.

Scripts for deblobbing and rebranding OBSD sources

LibertyBSD project's website

Cli client for listening to Jamendo

Extraneous and redundant misc Lispy lib.

An OCD-like Minetest subgame.

Shell script to download subtitles from OpenSubtitles.

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Pomodoro program in shell

Question of the Day-- RFC 865-- server

RSS Sage, an RSS parser for Common Lisp

Set of shell scripts for browsing Youtube.

Uncommon MUSH config and basic data.

Shell script to turn Unichat pages to formatted text.

Download lyrics from lyrics Wikia. Shell script.

!WIP! interactive fiction engine.